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my identity

Who Am I ?



> I am ...

A Name: Inspired by a quote: "the journey forms the youth".

I was born from a mix of different fashion trends, to finally create my identity.

My name means "the walk of the young". It is indeed through the lexical field of travel that I reveal myself, developing a spirit of ballad, movement, under different themes, while remaining "Chic" because it goes hand in hand with Paris.

YOVNGSTER'S WALK® is pronounced [youngster's Walk]

A Logo: Formed Y and W, united by the S to form "YsW"

A slogan: "#classicallyovng", understand "classic" (Classically) and "young" (young), which gives the Classically Young.

A Device: "AD MAJORA NATVS SVM" translated by "the best is my destiny".

> Key dates:
March 2014: The brand "YOVNGSTER'S WALK®" and its logo "YsW" is registered

February 2017: The brand officially marks the day and the first articles are marketed.

February 2018: the official YOVNGSTER'S WALK® website becomes an eConcept Store


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the concept


Connected to his time

Products stamped YOVNGSTER'S WALK® and "YsW" are designed, designed and assembled in France, in close collaboration with artisans and creators, to offer YsW DNA impregnated parts through its eCollab 'Store.

Thus, the collections called "Episode", are characterized by production in small series of pieces, to give them an almost unique and exclusive side.



the design

The products are imagined and drawn in a secret place. Inspired by several trends and styles of fashion, they are the fruits of much observation and many influences.


the conception

Once the drawing is finished and laid flat, I propose it to expert partners in their fields, we work the details and materials, then they advise me to have a rendering closer to the initial idea.


the production

Selected with the greatest care, the prototypes are entrusted to French workshops, which work in compliance with the most responsible production standards.