The concept is that the products are differentiated into two distinct ranges but of the same DNA.

the basic

Thus we have on the one hand the range called "EPISODE" which includes all articles purely "YsW", drawn and put into production directly by YOVNGSTER'S WALK® and its suppliers, in small series.

The Quart-mesure *

Then we have the products from the range "SIGNATVRE" {signature}, by the eCollab'Store, a concept of sharing with artisans. Together, we develop products designed by YOVNGSTER'S WALK® and shaped by craftsmanship.

The signature YsW is materialized by a "Y" and "W" incorporated into the product, thus taking over the initials of YOVNGSTER'S WALK® and / or simply the logo.

* We start from an already existing patronage, and we make the corrections to adopt the YsW signature.


"Fashion is like happiness, when we are happy we want everyone around us to be happy. That's what inspired me for this concept"




Founder designer of YOVNGSTER'S WALK®


le design

The products are imagined and drawn in a secret place. Inspired by several trends and styles of fashion, they are the fruits of much observation and many influences.


la conception

Once the drawing is finished and laid flat, I propose it to expert partners in their fields, we work the details and subjects, then they advise me to have a rendering closer to the initial idea.


la production

Selected with the greatest care, the prototypes are entrusted to French workshops and European suppliers, who work in compliance with the most responsible production standards.

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