Who I Am ?

A Name: Inspired by a quote: "the journey forms the youth".

I was born from a mix of different fashion trends, to finally create my identity.


My name means "the walk of the young". It is indeed through the lexical field of travel that I reveal myself, developing a spirit of ballad, movement, under different themes, while remaining "Chic" because it goes hand in hand with Paris.


YOVNGSTER'S WΛLK® is pronounced [youngster's Walk]


A Logo: Formed Y and W, united by the S to form "YsW"


A Slogan: "#classicallyovng", understand "classic" (Classically) and "yovng" (young), which gives the Classically Young.


 A Device: "ΛD MΛJORΛ NΛTVS SVM" translated as "the best is my destiny".


March 2014: The brand "YOVNGSTER'S WΛLK®" and its logo "YsW" is registered

February 2017: The brand officially marks the day and the first articles are marketed.

February 2018: the official YOVNGSTER'S WΛLK® website becomes an eConcept Store.