The concept of the eCollab'Store, it is above all to promote the work of the craftsmen, the know-how and the French soil.

Different professions gravitating in fashion, the concept of research to benefit from the best of each actor, to propose products that are then a collaborative work between YOVNGSTER'S WLK® and its partners.


The design

The products are imagined and drawn in a secret place. Inspired by several trends and styles of fashion, they are the fruits of much observation and many influences.


The conception

Once the drawing is finished and laid flat, I propose it to an eCollaber (Artisan, creator) we work together on the details and materials, and he brings his know-how.


The production

The prototypes are entrusted either to the eCollaber, for a production on demand (pre-order)

For small series, production is entrusted to workshops in France, which work in compliance with the most responsible production standards

the process

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"Fashion is like happiness,

when we are happy we want

that all those around us are.

That's what inspired me for this concept.


founder & designer of YOVNGSTER’S WΛLK®